Creativity is in us all. Do you want an even more shocking statement? Are you ready for it? Are you sure? Good! Here it comes: YOU are creative as well! Absolutely, anyone can develop creativity and anyone can train a knack for art. At Het Lyceum Vos, the art lessons are great fun. The TTO lessons are extra fun! You learn lots of basic techniques for drawing and sculpting with plenty of chances to learn skills for making the things you want. We even can adapt the program a bit to your personal likings and interests. Meanwhile you will learn about the specific English names of tools and technical terms. While working, you only speak English which helps to improve your language skills! The art lessons are all about improving skills and growing creativity, no matter what your starting point is. So, do you like art and do you want to learn more about it? Do you also like English and do you want to learn more about it? Are you interested in putting the claim to the test that anyone can learn to be creative? TTO at Het Lyceum Vos is the place for you. Come and join us!
In biology class you will learn more about living things. What makes things alive? What are diseases? Where does oxygen come from? What exactly happens with the food you eat? What do your own cells look like? Why can’t cats live on a vegetarian diet? Biology will teach you all this, and more!

TTO Drama classes allow you to explore more about English culture and about English literature in a creative way! We practice debates, performances and even some creative writing. We also analyse (parts of) movies, TV-shows and other forms of media. Do you have a favourite movie you’d like to discuss in Drama class?
Do you like to learn more about the world around you? Then EIO lessons are the place to be! EIO is short for European International Orientation. During these lessons, you will do various projects which teach you about the world around you. It makes you think about your opinion and listen to others. Are you ready to form an opinion on the world around you?
History is a topic that many find boring to study or a waste of time. But there is more to studying history than meets the eye. Let’s answer the age-old question: “Why is history important?” History gives us a very clear picture of how the various aspects of society — such as technology, governmental systems, and even society as a whole — worked in the past so we understand how it came to work the way it is now or will be in the future. At Lyceum Vos you will be prepared to act as a well-educated citizen in a democracy! TTO Geography: During the TTO Geography classes you learn about different kinds of subject, such as the population and cultures but also about natural disasters. TTO Geography allows you to learn about the world in a fun and meaningful way!
During our TTO-English lessons, you’ll learn all about English grammar and vocabulary. You’ll work on your reading, listening, writing and speaking skills, and you’ll learn more about the world around you through the use of English. Our lessons will include expressions and sayings as well as cultural aspects: we talk about books and movies, the news and British and American traditions! We learn English in an immersive way. Creative projects and real life practice are our way of helping you to be the best at English you could be, so that you’ll be able to communicate with people from all over the world! Are you excited to expand your knowledge of English?!
Math is everywhere! It’s in the technology you use every day (think of games, your phone or TV!) and the world you see around you (consider the shape and construction of a building, the way a virus spreads or a safe parachute jump!). In TTO math class we take our first steps in describing these phenomena with mathematics. We explore shapes and forms, formulas, tables and graphs and real world calculations.
During PE, or Physical Education, you work on more than just your physical skills. While running and jumping around it will be difficult to respond quickly in English instead of Dutch. It’s a whole new way of learning! So... Will you be able to train your brain and physics at the same time?